May 27, 2010


May 25, 2010

May 20, 2010

May 18, 2010

The idea for this show emerged a few years back as I began to curate the online flickr group “the archival moon & waiting.” In the original description of this group, I put forth a variety of approaches & subjects that the collection would pursue; these included: “a multiplicity of visual identities, deviations, cross process(ing), gestures, practices, invented traditions, fields, memory, a search for home, & a poetics of human ecology.”

Svetlana Boym, in her text, The Future of Nostalgia, suggests that the modern nostalgic is both homesick & sick of home. The vision for the show is a body of photographs that sway between personal & collective memory, that meditate on ideas of temporal distance, displacement, landscape & the body.

These artists are strangers to me, & yet, through the kind donations of their photographs to this collection, they are proposing a kind of relational aesthetics that attempts to form a dispersed, transitory community, which speaks through temporal juxtapositions of their images. This is the reason why I was compelled to seek out a more public space— a shared space with the potential for multiple channels of growth, more textured & layered object / viewer relationships, & with its own reverberations of plant & human stories.

In choosing the site of the greenhouse I hope to discover new rhythms for viewing. By the use of the plastic bags that include the weights of sand & stone, I am partially interested in questioning the fragility of the photograph without disrupting its perpetually vanishing integrity. I wonder if the placelessness of the internet can be assuaged by encountering, for a moment, a touch, an involuntary watermark, a leaf whose stem becomes a swaying borderland between the unfurling arm & the unfurling question: will this quiet advice compel us to carry our dwelling with us & to, in chorus, cast off the places we must?

–g. jesiolowski / ithaca, new york / may 2010

May 12, 2010